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Goran - EFD in Österreich

Get out of the comfort zone

© Goran Janveski

It was at the end of March 2015 when I got on a plane to Zagreb, Croatia, from my home country Macedonia, on my way to my favourite country Austria, where I was supposed to do my long term EVS.
For those not familiar with the acronym, EVS is European Voluntary Service and every citizen of EU or the partner countries younger than 30 can use the advantage to travel abroad for 12 months, doing voluntary work for an organisation, association or a youth group, while EU takes care for the financial aspects and issues.

Mine took place in Trofaiach, Austria, where I volunteered for Art Mine. www.artmine.at
I wanted to learn German and experience the ambiguities of the Austrian culture, enjoy a cold local beer and warm Schnitzel after a nice bicycle ride in the beautiful Alps, and they were in a need for someone to help with the on-going activities, the concerts and projects of any kind. And that’s how it happened. I was here and we spent 9 months together, in a „Multi-Kulti Verein" doing great things for the young people from the region.

I could myself learn a lof from all the activities, because being part of that everything is very different than only reading about it. By being part of it, experiencing and organising it, one can gain school for life, and I feel free to say that was the case with me.

Making the long story short, I would like to thank LOGO, Art Mine and CID from Macedonia for providing me with such an opportunity, and changing my life to better, and recomend the EVS programme to everybody who still isn’t 30 and wants to learn something more, something outside the books, and experience the life in another country, get out of the comfort zone and make life-time experience, new friends, and something good for the society.


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